Multipurpose Creative Web Advertising Banner Design Template | 17 Sizes

If you want to know the importance of an ad, talk to someone who owns a business – regardless of how big or small they are in the market. We are well aware of the fact that online advertisements have taken control of the marketing process. And the businesses are pretty much dependent on the social media platforms. Knowing the restrictions set by Google, Facebook etc. at times, it becomes difficult for marketers to market their products and services well.

Marketers and creative designers always have to stay up-to-date with whatever is happening out there to help business owners stay ahead in the game. To carry out the process of web banner design process smoothly, here are some of the dos and don’ts to keep in mind;

The Dos of creating web banner design:

  • Use typography in your design.
  • Ensure that the supporting image is supporting the copy.
  • Fun and playful pictures attract the audience more. Go creative.
  • There should be a hierarchy in the design. Maintain it.
  • Using design elements can help you in creating excellent ad designs.
  • Try using vectors and illustrations.
  • Give a clear message about your business / upcoming sales etc.
  • Be specific while targeting your niche audience.

The Don’ts of creating web banner design:

  • Don’t use pixelated pictures.
  • Don’t use irrelevant icons.
  • Don’t go for a cluttered ad design.
  • Don’t send a vague message through your design.
  • Don’t use dull colors.
  • Don’t use words which are difficult to read / pronounce / understand.
  • Don’t design anything that doesn’t have symmetry.
  • Don’t forget to add a (Call to Action) CTA.

In addition to all the things that are mentioned above, you should also know the placement of the banners – as there are different positions where an ad can be placed. And you must ask yourself (every time you create an ad) if the copy and the banner design are relatable to you and your audience.

On any giving day, it would be safe to say that stylistic and beautiful typography always can attract a large number of people. Incorporate it in your advertising banner design. Know that simplicity, depth and clarity on bright colors will help you stand out in creating intriguing web banners.

Multipurpose Creative Web Advertising Banner Design Template available in 17 Sizes



First Version: (PSD File)

For Single Project only

Second Version: (PSD File)

Upto 5 Projects

Third Version: (PSD File)

Unlimited Projects


  • Banner Template Designs Available Sizes: 17
  • File Type: Psd
  • Software Version: Photoshop CS6
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • File Size: 11.6Mb
  • File Format: 7-zip

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