100 Graphic Design Pixel Perfect Icons in Vector Ai & PSD Format

Beautifully created icons play an important role in making a design (in general) or a website look appealing that a visitor would want to spend time there reading or looking for his desired stuff. Not a single website designer can ignore the importance of using icons which is why people can find icons almost everywhere and for good.

Some of the benefits and purposes of using icons are as follows;

  • Icons are helpful in bridging the communication gap, so let’s suppose a person visits a website or a platform and he is unable to understand the language but the icons used can help that person understand the concept of the website and it would be easier for him to navigate.
  • An otherwise boring website can be made exciting if icons are used in the design which means icons are capable of adding some fun to a website or a portal etc.

Both icons and vectors are considered to be two of the most critical elements of any design. These design elements enhance the beauty of a design and make it appealing to the eyes. But we also know that the professional graphic designers are always busy in different design projects at a time that they barely get the free slot to create icons for their assignments / tasks etc.

One Dollar Graphics’ amazing graphic designers have created a set of 100 of graphic design pixel perfect icons to be used for various purposes. These icons are available in Ai, PSD and PNG formats and can be

This set of 100 extremely beautiful and creative graphic design pixel perfect icons is a must have for everyone who is directly and indirectly related to the field of design. From the icon of underline text icon to rotate icon to ruler icon, a lot of options are available to choose from.

So purchase this set of icons today and make your presentations, design projects and websites aesthetically pleasing.

100 Graphic Design Pixel Perfect Icons in Vector Ai & PSD Format


Following Icons Are Included In This Graphic Design Pixel Perfect Icon Set:

  • Pen Tool Icon
  • Wacom Tablet Icon
  • Folder Icon
  • Zoom Tool Icon
  • Eraser Icon
  • Shutter Icon
  • Eye Dropper Tool Icon
  • Cut Tool Icon
  • Pixel Icon
  • magic Wand Icon
  • Compass Tool Icon
  • Image Gallery Icon
  • Swap Fill & Stroke Icon
  • Easel Icon
  • Ruler Icon
  • Gradient Tool Icon
  • Type Tool Icon
  • Striketrough Icon
  • Underline Text Icon
  • Crop Tool Icon
  • Brush Tool Icon
  • Cursor Icon
  • None Icon
  • Clock Icon
  • Up Down Left Right Icon
  • Diameter Icon
  • Full Screen Icon
  • Scale Icon
  • Rotate Icon
  • Bright Icon
  • Brighten Icon
  • Idea Icon
  • Document Icon
  • Document Template Icon
  • Lasso Icon
  • Flag Icon
  • Caution Icon
  • Camera Icon
  • User Icon
  • Hand Pan Icon
  • Graph Tool Icon
  • Rotate Icon
  • Artboard Icon
  • Info Icon
  • Open in New Window Icon
  • Help Icon
  • Copyright Icon
  • Paint palette Icon
  • Reshape Icon

First Version: 150+ Pixel Perfect (24, 48, 96) PNG Icons + PSD File

1 Project only for $1.00

Second Version: 150+ Pixel Perfect (24, 48, 96 Grid) PNG Icons + Vector Ai File + PSD

5 – 10 Projects for $3.00

Third Version: 150+ Pixel Perfect (24, 48, 96 Grid) PNG Icons + Vector Ai File + PSD

Unlimited Projects for life time for $5.00


  • PNG Dimension Grid Icons: 24, 48, 96 Px
  • File Type: Ai, PSD, PNG
  • Software Version: Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS6
  • File Size: 5 Mb
  • Zip File Format: Zip
  • Color Mode: RGB

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