100 Flat Mobile Phone & Contact Icons

Icons are considered to be one of the critical elements of a design. As you know that icons are used to enhance the beauty of a design by using minimum words – another benefit of using icons is that even if someone doesn’t understand a particular language, he will understand what is being said on a website, application or any system.

Since icons are extremely important for almost every design that is created – sets of icons are designed to use them for various purposes but the best part about a set of icons is that a graphic designer doesn’t have to create anything from scratch. He would be able to utilize the icons according the requirements of the design projects.

There is no limit to a creative and imaginative mind. Every person has unlimited ideas for creating so many things almost every day and we are glad that our brilliant graphic designers created this amazing set of one hundred flat mobile phone and contact icons which can be used for several purposes.

Mainly, these mobile phone and contact icons can be incorporated on the design of mobile applications, website designs, marketing materials of telecommunication companies like their flyers, brochures, pamphlets, banners and ads (both for print and digital media).

In addition to the above mentioned uses of the flat mobile phone and contact icons, these icons can also be used for different study materials as well. Not only these icons are beautifully designed but these are also capable of serving the purposes of their creation too.

This set of 100 flat icons is available on the format of Ai and can be easily purchased from the website of One Dollar Graphic and after purchasing; you can easily download and start using them for your design projects.

Designers want to be laced with all the ingredients of designing, whether from the collection of immense fonts, to the colors, themes, textures, icons and more. They are always very curious about latest happenings and trends in the design world. So they make sure to have the best collection of diverse range of elements at their disposition to use them in the long run.

User interface, and website designs are made on daily basis by the designers therefore immense number of icons are needed; the most imperial out of all are the mobile phone icons. So we are presenting a gigantic collection to choose from, most of them will be of great help for you. We have also enclosed contact icons so if ever you require them, you can use them in your designs. Feel free to get to know more about these and for your queries.


Following icons are included in 100 Mobile icon set:

  • Telephone locked Icon
  • Add item to phone card Icon
  • Secured data sync icon
  • Holding smartphone icon
  • Mobile phone icon
  • Mobile charging icon
  • Telephone icon, Male support icon
  • Contact support icon
  • Email sending icon
  • Sending message icon
  • Female support icon
  • Mobile options icon
  • Old telephone icon
  • Mobile Bluetooth
  • Mobile phone discoverable icon
  • SMS received icon
  • Motorola phone icon
  • Phone Pie Chart Icon
  • Contact Icon
  • Mobile Power-up icon
  • Open email icon
  • Mobile talk bubble icon
  • Mobile chatting icon
  • Touch mobile icon
  • Support icon
  • Phone Option icon
  • Phone advertising icon
  • Receiving message icon
  • SMS typing icon
  • Website browsing icon
  • Phone pairing icon
  • Locked mobile phone icon
  • Contact details icon
  • Touch icon
  • Phone ringing icon
  • Message sending icon
  • Message received icon
  • Browsing internet icon
  • Broken screen icon
  • Old telephone icon
  • Wi-Fi icon
  • iPhone icon
  • Contact global support icon
  • Heartbeat app icon
  • Mobile antivirus icon
  • Surfing web icon
  • Mobile pairing icon
  • Mobile gaming icon
  • Dialing icon
  • Mobile Searching icon
  • Mobile emoticons icon
  • Calling 24 hour support icon
  • Dialing support icon
  • Global network connecting icon
  • Downloading file through mobile
  • Calling phone icon
  • Call receiving icon
  • Phone contacts sync icon
  • Smartphone icon
  • Calling through Wi-Fi Icon
  • Mobile settings icon
  • Connecting through Wi-Fi icon
  • Locked smartphone icon
  • Global UAN Icon
  • Broken Phone icon
  • Flip mobile icon
  • Airplane mode icon
  • Phone support icon
  • Using table icon
  • Connecting radio icon
  • Wireless telephone icon
  • Phonebook icon
  • Calling local phone icon
  • Wi-Fi Bridging icon
  • Connecting globally icon
  • Searching Wi-Fi icon
  • Checkout icon
  • Android tablet icon
  • Receiving fax icon
  • Switched off mobile icon


First Version: (Ai file)

1 Project only for $1.00

Second Version: (Ai Vector File)

5 – 10 Projects for $3.00

Third Version: (Ai File + Free Lifetime updates)

Unlimited Projects for life time for $5.00


  • File Type: Ai
  • Software Version: Illustrator CS6
  • File Size: 1 Mb
  • Zip File Format: RAR



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